About Us

Who We are?

Mindbody Networks Inc (MBNI) offers a variety of solutions from a range of disciplines and experience. Since 2008, MBNI has primarily worked in outsourcing tasks, project supervision, and developments involving the cutting edge IT infrastructure and software applications.
MBNI is Canadian based, but works with various global partners to bring a balance of solutions and budgets to the table for our clients.
While MBNI has remained small in terms of employment staff within Canada, we have grown in our scale of projects we can handle and the scope of which services we can provide. This has been achieved through sourcing the right contractors and experts from around the globe rather than building a local employment base. It has allowed us to be flexible through tough economic times and helped us maintain low overhead costs between projects. Ultimately this benefits our clients in our rates and purpose for being here


Services We Provide

Business Support

Whether you are starting up or scaling, we offer document support and funding support to help your business grow

Mobile Apps

Clean, modern, and efficient user interfaces that work on mobile phones, tablets, or data collector devices.


We find the very best talent and price for your projects from databases to mobile applications

Risk Management

Useful tools and resources to help you assess your personal or business risk profile and solutions to offset those risks

Design Services

We provide consultation and drafting services for construction designs, layouts, and site surveys & quantities


Through volunteer efforts and collaborative projects our team can assist you with your personal and business goals