MBNI uses database technology for a variety of our services and solutions.
Typically we prefer to work in MS SQL databases, but we can also accommodate MYSQL, Oracle, or custom flat file databases as needed.

databases of all shapes and sizes

From projects like tracking client contact information, job banks, project management software, product catalogues, and Geo-Spatial Databases for ESRI mapping data, we can help with overseeing your design, workflow analysis, query loads, and reporting needs.
Rob was an ESRI Database Administrator (DBA) previously for a business that managed provincial sized data sets, editing multiple data tables simultaneously by multiple users, and reconciled user changes daily in a production environment. Rob has also helped other businesses develop what we call RMS (Rapid Mapping Solutions) which reduce time on creating maps, theming, and overhead storage of data. MBNI can customize mapping databases to include only the data you need to maintain, while leveraging WMS and other data feeds from third party government sources to produce fast and reliable mapping solutions for your work environment. Many of these solutions are also open source, saving you money on software licensing!

Contact us today to find out more about how your company can produce its own maps in-house and make our RMS part of your brand!