bringing order to chaos

Rob was trained in Cobol, Pascal, and QBasic languages long ago when those names were still common in households and schools. While no one uses these languages today, they did pave the way for logical approaches to “Read-a-Record / manipulate / write-a-record”.
MBNI has developed a similar method in computing which we call MDMM. Essentially it is used for cleaning up, sorting, separating, validating, and reporting on enormous databases. From historical gold pricing indexes, to housing market data, and provincial sized data sets for road networks, water courses, and contouring our method to restructuring data sets has worked time and time again.

No matter how large or how messy your data is, we can develop a logic flow to break it down, clean it up, and store it efficiently and correctly. Of all the services we offer at MBNI, this is the one task that we geek out on the most!

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